M2GEN Delivers Health Informatics Solutions to Predict and Meet Patient Needs


  • Stakeholders to evidence-based approaches
  • Patients to targeted clinical trials


Connecting patients to a cure by accelerating the discovery and delivery of personalized medicine.


Leadership in creating and delivering health informatics solutions through evidence-based approaches to predict and meet patient needs

M2Gen® is an informatics solutions company that advances precision medicine by integrating and analyzing clinical and molecular data. Our Company was founded in 2006 at the Moffitt Cancer Center to operationalize the Total Cancer Care® Protocol, a unique approach to studying patients throughout their lifetime. In this effort, we partner with the nation’s leading cancer centers via the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN).

We Empower Stakeholders by Learning from Patients

M2Gen is accelerating discovery and development through a unique partnership with patients.

Total Cancer Care® is a research study that partners with patients who donate clinical data and tissue for molecular analysis, so that we may learn from patient experiences and develop evidence-based approaches to meet patients’ needs. Consented patients agree to be contacted for future studies, playing an active role in the study of their cancer and improving care for future generations.

Using the information learned from patients through the Total Cancer Care® Protocol, we work with biopharmaceutical companies to address the most challenging questions, from discovery to analyses of marketed therapies. At the core of what we do is a unique pro-active approach to identify and follow patients who are in need of new treatments through clinical trial matching. By creating a rapid learning environment, M2Gen accelerates the science of precision medicine by creating evidence and knowledge-based solutions that identify a patient’s susceptibility to disease, predict how patients will respond to a particular treatment, and match patients to best therapies for an optimal outcome.

Launched in May 2014, The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIENcancer.org) is a unique research partnership among top cancer centers that recognize collaboration and access to data are the keys to advancing cancer discovery, and delivering improved cancer care. Members agree to use the Total Cancer Care protocol and share multiple data sources in order to match patients to targeted treatments.

Through ORIEN, Cancer Centers serve more patients by sharing and collaboration. To date, more than 124,000 Total Cancer Care® consented patients have agreed to donate their tissue and clinical data for research to understand cancer at the molecular level.


William (Bill) S. Dalton, Ph.D., M.D.

CEO, M2Gen
Director, DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute at Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. William (Bill) S. Dalton is Founder and CEO of M2Gen and the Director of the DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute at Moffitt Cancer Center. He is the past President, CEO & Center Director of Moffitt Cancer Center. Moffitt and M2Gen have developed one of the largest cancer tumor bio-repositories and data warehouses in the U.S. dedicated to the development of personalized medicine. In 2014, Moffitt Cancer Center, in partnership with the James Cancer Center at the Ohio State University, founded the cancer center alliance called ORIEN, Oncology Research Information and Exchange Network, with the goal of accelerating cancer research discovery by sharing information and delivering hope through collaborative learning and partnerships.

Daniel Sullivan, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Dan Sullivan, MD, is a physician-scientist who currently serves as Chief Medical Officer at M2Gen and Associate Center Director for Clinical Science at Moffitt Cancer Center. Dr. Sullivan is an active researcher with interests in the development of novel approaches to treat multiple myeloma. His recent focus is on a new class of drugs, inhibitors of XPO1, a protein that transports several large proteins from the nucleus to the cytoplasm. Early trials demonstrate that XPO1 inhibitors combined with other agents are active in multiple myeloma, AML and breast cancer. Dr. Sullivan also serves as Medical Director of Moffitt’s Phase I Clinical Trials Program, which is now among the largest programs in the nation. He has served as a regular and ad hoc member of several NCI study sections and currently serves on the NCI Investigational Drug Steering Committee and the ACS Council for Extramural Grants.

Odalys Capote

VP/ Chief Administrative Officer, M2Gen
Administrator, DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute, Moffitt Cancer Center and Administrator, Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN)

Odalys Capote currently serves as Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer & Administrator for the Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) at M2Gen. She also serves as Administrator of the DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute at Moffitt Cancer Center. Odalys has over 30 years of experience in healthcare, including such roles as: Chief of Staff, Compliance & Privacy Officer, cost accounting/decision support implementation, project management and consulting. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida School of Business.

Hongyue Dai, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific/Bioinformatics Officer

Hongyue Dai, PhD, currently serves as M2Gen’s Chief Bioinformatics Officer / Chief Scientific Officer. In his role, he works with clients to understand their questions about biomarkers and patient populations, and develop novel solutions that add value and bring more effective, targeted drugs to right cancer patients sooner. Dr. Dai has over 15 years of data analysis experience in pharma and biotech, most recently as Executive Director, Informatics & Analysis at Merck Research Lab leading a group of 50 scientists. He has worked extensively on the analysis of genomic and genetic data to identify and validate novel drug targets and biomarkers, and to understand disease progression, mechanisms of compounds. He also has a strong publication record, including papers in Nature, Science and Cell.

Naveen Kumar

Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, M2Gen

Naveen Kumar currently serves as Vice President, Strategy and Business Development for M2Gen, and is primarily responsible for supporting M2Gen’s growth through partnership with life science and technology companies, as well as cancer centers via ORIEN. Prior to joining M2Gen, Naveen held various management consulting and financial advisory roles serving the health care industry. He holds a B.A, with Honors, from New York University and a M.Sc. in Finance and Economics from the London School of Economics.

Joseph R. Smith, CPA, CGMA

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph R. Smith, CPA, CGMA, currently serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for M2Gen, a wholly owned for profit subsidiary of Moffitt Cancer Center. In this role, Joe is responsible for the financial, marketing and sales aspects of M2Gen and provides leadership for the day to day financial and operational aspects of the business. Prior to joining M2Gen Joe served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Bisk Education and also was the CFO, Secretary and Treasurer for a private then public dental practice management company. Joe started his career in public accounting at Deloitte, rose to the level of Partner and was in charge of the middle market practice in the Tampa, Florida office. He holds a BSBA in Accounting with Honors from University of Florida.

Board of Directors

Theodore J. Couch, Sr.

Chairman - University Commercial Center

The Honorable Connie Mack

Vice Chair - Former Senator, United States Congress; Partner, Liberty Partners Group

William (Bill) S. Dalton, Ph.D., M.D.

Founder & CEO, M2Gen

The Honorable H. Lee Moffitt

Former Speaker, Florida House of Representatives; Founder, Moffitt Cancer Center

John A. (Jack) Kolosky

President, Hospital Corp.; Executive Vice President & COO, Moffitt Cancer Center

Kenneth Ford, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO, Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition

Kenneth I. Moch


Robert Rothman

President & CEO, Black Diamond Capital Corporation

Linda F. Powers

Managing Director, Toucan Capital Fund II; Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Biotherapeutics

Daniel Sullivan, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer, M2Gen; Executive Vice President & Associate Center Director for Clinical Science